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We appreciate all the opinions you may have about the course content, its possible improvements, your experience as a course participant and your ideas of using it in your work.

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This Erasmus+ project is a joint initiative of three organisations: Educational Centre EST from Poland, Metallo Nobile Jewellery School from Italy and Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”  from Greece.

EST is an educational establishment offering creative learning activities both to young people and adults. Our particular interests lie in digital tech – we provide a maker space to involve our participants in games authoring, app making, 3D design and robotics.

Metallo Nobile is the jewellery school, active in the fields of jewellery making and jewellery design since 1998. Metallo Nobile is based on a very practical approach through the teaching of master artisans and professionals working in this field and has also a long international experience in supporting the Jewellery Industry in several worldwide areas. The school is also involved in projects for the transfer of know-how and innovation.

The Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” is an organization focusing on research and development in Information and Communication Technologies.  CTI has longstanding experience in the pedagogical application of educational technology in schools, in designing and developing educational software and learning scenarios, in co-coordinating and supervising large-scale national actions for schools, in implementing pilot projects introducing new ICT-based educational methods in schools etc.

Our main objective is to foster the growth of informal learning environments, which provide opportunities for young people to engage in craft making with the support of digital technology.

To achieve this, we are taking several actions:

  • organising 3D Lab workshops with digital and manual tools providing learning paths from designing and prototyping objects to elaborating them into crafts
  • hosting this online platform for learning and communication of both young participants and youth workers involved in creative artisan projects
  • building an online course guiding youth educators on how to integrate digital design and prototyping technology in a craft making space

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