3D Lab Online Course

3D Lab Online Course

9. New artisan working methods – Leather

Looking deeper in the leather goods sector, we can see how the appliance of 3D scanners, 3D modeling software, 3D printers and kiosks (interactive software) have been changing the production line.

In shoemaking, thanks to 3D scanning, artisans can have a deeper knowledge of the clients’ foot ensuring their comfort in wearing, 3D software and printers allow to have more defined prototypes and precise working bases, concurrently kiosks allow to customize the chosen product.


In the following images you can see an example of 3D stamps made by 3D modeling and 3D printing. They modeled the shape they wanted, including a base that allows the plastic part to be glued on a support, in this case, a metallic one. After printing and gluing the base to the support, the stamps have been pressed on a piece of thick leather with a hammer to obtain a deeper textured pattern. [1]


Image 9.1


[1] https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Print-Your-Own-Leather-Stamps/