3D Lab Online Course

3D Lab Online Course

8. 3D Printing in artistic design – New Year’s masks

The fantasy or cartoon costumes are not the only ones which can be partly 3D printed. Other types of attributes are New Year’s or carnival masks and jewelry. You can find a lot of basic and more complex ready designs online (www.thingiverse.com or www.skrimarket.com for example), which you can adapt to your needs, you can also start from scratch if you really want to have something unique.

Here we base on designs from the Skrimarket, Thingiverse and TinkerCAD platforms:


Image 8.1

Although we use already designed models, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do to prepare them for use. Again it is necessary to perform at least:

  • – cleaning the printing supports (some models have complex, irregular shapes so this is sometimes really difficult)
  • – grinding and smoothing
  • – shape corrections
  • – decorating
  • – cutting holes which can be necessary for attaching the handles
  • – priming and painting

Image 8.2

Image 8.3

Image 8.4

The final effect will always depend on your and your students’ creativity, time, materials you’ll use and of course particular goals. In the end, you should expect nothing more than fun during the process and, even more, after:

Image 8.5

Image 8.6

Image 8.7

Image 8.8

Image 8.9