3D Lab Online Course

3D Lab Online Course

16. 3D Printing in architectural field – communication and analysis

16.1 Communication

Today we have a wide range of mediums to represent, develop and communicate ideas. Models are arguably one of the most capable for visualising and communicating. Types and uses of models are not always essential for project development, but their strength as a platform for analysis and discussion is undeniable. 3D printing only serves to increase the capacity for exploring and design in 3 dimensions.


Image 16.1


16.2 Refinement in the communication of a design

3D modelling and 3D printing may be used in the craft/artisan domain as are being used today in the architectural field in a final stage for presentation and marketing.


Image 16.2


Image 16.3


16.3 Analysis

Possibilities opened by the 3D design and printing:

  • – The possibility of studying design variables quickly and easily.
  • – One can actually see and compare alternatives.
  • – Transform a sketch into an actual object.
  • – Recurrent tryouts, anticipating errors.


Image 16.4