3D Lab Online Course

3D Lab Online Course

1. Metallo Nobile Manifesto

Artistic craftsmanship is one of the hallmarks of Florence, recognized in Italy and throughout the world, as well as being the link between Florentine culture and the economic development of the city.  It is not possible to think of Florence without the craftsmen;  without them, the city would not be what it is today, because for centuries they have been both the protagonists and the source of its cultural, social and economic growth.

When we talk about craftsmen we are talking about goldsmiths, of mosaic artists, potters, restorers of paintings and wood, tailors, artistic working of glass, engravers, engravers in wood and metal, silversmiths,  gilders, artistic works of iron and many others. The survival of artisans (almost all of whom are elderly) in an area with a strong vocation of  artisanal crafts such as ours, with their wealth of skills and knowledge,  is at risk of extinction. Their survival is closely linked to the generational exchange that can only occur through the transfer of techniques and skills to the younger generations and to the introduction of technology.

Despite the crisis, the local handicraft business remains firmly rooted in the territory consequently there is a pervasive need to rediscover, protect and preserve these ancient crafts, through initiatives aimed at enhancing and transmitting knowledge to ensure the professionalism and continuity of these crafts with the new generations. It is also clear from several studies, that for many years arts and crafts was a static reality, rightly rooted in its past, but little inclined to the possibilities and scenarios of the present and future. Simultaneously, therefore, today craftwork is an activity whose success depends increasingly on the ability to combine tradition and innovation. Another typical feature of the method of working of the small Florentine artisan is to realize the object, goldsmithery in our case, without going through the design stage, with the result that, often, it is necessary to restart the job from the beginning with evident waste of time and financial resources. The situation that emerges is therefore that of a wealth of knowledge and skills at risk of extinction. Many famous artisans in Florence have died without heirs, and with them their art dies too.If these skills are not transmitted and put back onto the market with new criteria, they are destined to extinction. Another important issue is to devise a way of doing business suitable for the contemporary social and economic realities.

Rossella Bianchi, Director of the Metallo Nobile