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Welcome to the English version of the 3D LAB Online Course.


  • if you are interested in digital tech and making physical objects and need to know more about it

  • if you organise creative activities for young people and looking for new opportunities to extend/improve their programmes

  • if you want to find new job opportunities in using 3D design and printing

  • if you want to learn, how to use 3D design and modelling in your everyday life

the course is just for you!


It contains 3 Modules:

I. Introduction to digital prototyping tech

This module presents state-of-the-art technology for 3D design and printing and gives some links to other sources, where one can find more information in these fields.

II. New Artisans

This module focuses on implementation of the 3D design and printing in present artisans work. After recalling the most important information regarding 3D modelling and printing, we present in details, how 3D technology changes jewellery-making process. We give also some hints regarding implementation of this innovation in other handicraft works, like those using leather, wood, metal, glass and ceramics as raw materials. The artisan production is closely connected with other sectors, and we have to consider that the development of 3D modelling allows greater integration of these fields with undeniable benefits in all sectors. For this reason, the field of architecture and interior design in which artisan production is a strategic factor has been also considered as an example.

III. Youth creativity in the digital age

The aim of Module III is to present one of the possibilities, how the Module I and Module II can be implemented in small makerspace for and with young people interested in different implementations of 3D modeling and printing techniques. On the basis of workshops run in our 3D laboratory in Wadowice, we prepared practical lessons on how to introduce this interesting subject to your students or lab members. Following the lessons you will get information on how to start teaching 3D design and printing and what steps you can take in order to encourage people to create their own models. We are presenting here examples of specific activities on several different subjects and requiring specific skills going beyond 3D design. Finally we are giving here some tips on evaluating the process and showing potential advantages of learning 3D techniques for entrepreneurship possibilities.


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